For years the world has been fighting a war against the undead. They have tried and failed for numerous years to take over your modern world. The last time they tried they were almost successful, but the Dwarven forces held them back, but lost many men. After that great battle, Orcus, the Demon Prince of the Undead, had seemed to finally retreat and it everything was going to return to normal. But then the reports started flooding in of the dead rising yet again. Their forces were built quicker and stronger than before and very little has been able to keep them at bay. The once mighty Dwarves who helped aid this world were nearly extinct now and all the other races and countries are too segmented to do anything. Fighting off the undead was frightening enough, but now new reports have come in of devils preparing to invade the earth and slaughtering cities. Men, women, and children have all begun to sing the praises of a new deity… The Twin Gods. Forever enemies now together in power, Orcus and Asmodeus seek to claim power from the gods themselves, and are succeeding.

A Tale of Two Deities